Cleaning Cushions

Keep those Cushions Clean

Outdoor and marine fabrics have a finish that makes cleanup fairly easy. Most stains wipe away with a soapy sponge. Some cushions are waterproofed while others allow liquids to seep into the foam, so caustic cleaners should be avoided. Indoor cushions need a little more care during cleanup. Indoor upholstery fabrics can be delicate tapestries or brilliant prints on canvas and anything in between. Scotch guarded fabrics make cleanup of indoor chair pads much easier. Vacuum welting to remove any dust or lint. Follow up with a lint brush or roller to finish removing additional lint. Steam carpet cleaners are perfect for deep cleaning some of the more fragile cushions. Steam cleaning can also deep clean cushions without thoroughly wetting them.

Spot and Surface Cleaning vs. Immersion Cleaning

For spot cleaning, gently scrub fabrics with a soapy sponge or cloth. Fine fabric detergents work well, especially when dealing with fabrics that are more easily damaged. Spot removers and laundry pre-wash sprays should be used sparingly to limit the possibility of discoloration. Some cushions are sturdy enough to handle gentle laundering or hand-wash in cool water. Some filling fibers drain so poorly that they should not be immersed. Surface cleaning is recommended for hard-stuffed or difficult to drain indoor chair cushions. Set chair cushions outside on a sunny day to dry or use a rack dryer if one is available. If seat pads have to dry naturally, be prepared to wait up to a few days depending on how wet the chair cushions are.

Cleaning and the Removable Cover

The last chair cushion cleaning option to be aware of is the removable cover. Many larger chair cushions include a sturdy zipper on the cushion cover so that the fabric can be removed for washing. This is particularly handy when the covers need extensive surface cleaning, but the foam and other filling fibers may only need spot cleaning.


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